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There's a new, chewable nanotechnology that lets you take photos with your eyes, cures cancer and eliminates body odour. But the early adopters are realizing they got extra "features" they didn't count on. And no one told them once they spread through the bloodstream, it's harder to uninstall than your average computer virus.

An anthology feature film in seven parts, "Infest Wisely" is a lo-fi sci fi look into the near future. John scored episode three, "Early Adopter," directed by Craig Macnaughon.


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Clip 1: "A Stick of the Future" (1:37)

Clip 2: "Photo Safari" (1:54)

Clip 3: "You Didn't Even Have a Blog!" (1:02)

Clip 4: "But I'm Leaving You" (0:40)